Customer Gallery

A special thanks to customers who sent back photos of their finished case now displaying their prized possessions! It has been long overdue, but I've finally put together a “customer gallery”. These photos may be of some help in deciding how you would like to display your item when designing a case. Hopefully, this shows off my ability to deliver a quality product.

We built 5 cases for the Kentucky Derby Museum triple crown exhibit. The center piece is the trophy in a triangular shaped case. Photo Credit:Ted Tarquinio / © TLT Photography

Batman themed chess set. The cover was sized to fit as if it were an original part of the set. You'll never get this custom fit look with a ready made cover!

Example with mirrored base.

We built about twenty of these cases to house precision measurement apparatus called an “extensometer” for an engineering firm in Cincinnati Ohio.

This custom case has a sloping top hinged lid for accessibility.

JR's Custom Acrylics fabricated several of these mini drawers for a jewelry store in Sag Harbor New York. (I took this photo before shipping them to the customer)

Open back shelved acrylic display built for the customer's convenience store.

Tall case for a model rocket.

This case integrates so well, you can hardly see it. Sixty four of them were made for the customer.

This box frame was built for a custom picture framing business in New Jersey. The framer finished this wedding dress frame by adding the background and moulding around the acrylic box. JR's Custom Acrylics has supplied this customer with many such box frames of varying sizes.

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